Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the APPCRO GROUP is composed of several key segments, covering a total of more than 300 people (including our partner companies which we work intensively with), which makes us very serious ICT company covered in all major segments of the organization, which provides us with a good basis for further growth and successful development of the company.

Key segments of the organizational structure of the company:

BOARD OF DIRECTORS → The main responsibilities of management are strategic direction for the company, long-term planning and decision making on all other important sales and development segments. Also, the routing in the vertical market segments, creating long-term partnerships (Domestic / Foreign) and approval of new technologies which will be mostly the primary interest of the company in its growth and development.

SALE → The main responsibilities of the placement of sales of products and services domestically and overseas. It is also the responsibility of the sales and cooperation with existing customers to expand existing business and winning new clients and negotiating new business. In addition to the classical direct offer our products and services directly to the end user, we make sales deals and subcontracting work for other large domestic and foreign ICT companies, which until now was also one of the focuses of the company.

MARKETING → Assignments are making marketing campaigns, development of marketing materials, market analysis and competition, marketing of the company (the official website, social networks, affiliate networks, media). In addition marketing is responsible for advertising via newsletters, and advertising networks and media (newspapers, magazines, trade journals).

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT → One of our most important segments, which is responsible for the development of innovative, practical and market-focused IT solutions. The development is also engaged in research, monitoring of new technologies, as well as suggestions for further development and technological improvement products. Which provides continuous application of new technologies in improving existing and developing new ICT solutions.

CONSULTING AND IMPLEMENTATION → A very important part of our work are specialized consulting services in various areas of IT domain, which we provide to our clients and other ICT companies. Also inevitable segment of each product placement is its successful implementation by ensuring the application of the methodology of the world combined with professional project management of our experienced Project Manager.

HELP DESK SUPPORT → Help Desk support is available to all our customers, depending on the model and the level (gold, silver, bronze) support that has been agreed. Also there are many different types of support to our customers (e-mail, telephone, remote access VPN, support on-site) where operators are trying as soon as possible to remove all the existing problems in the work of our esteemed customers.

EXTERNAL COLLABORATORS → A very important segment of the company’s continuous co-operation with our external partners who are responsible for specialized technology or exceptional experts in specific domain areas, with whom the company provides coverage in all aspects of its work. External resources we use and allocate depending on design requirements and the size of the project, and thus achieve the coverage of quality human resources in all project segmented, which provides us with the ability to successfully realize a very large demanding projects.