We are proud to announce that APPCRO d.o.o. has certificates for 3 new standards.


ISO 9001

Any organization can think of itself as good, but if it also has a certificate from an accredited organization, then that is a credible confirmation. It is necessary to determine the processes necessary for the quality management system, determine their sequence and interaction, criteria and methods for managing these processes, ensure the availability of the necessary resources and information necessary to support the implementation and monitoring of these processes, monitor, measure and analyze these processes and implement procedures necessary to achieve the planned results and their permanent improvement.


ISO 27001

It helps an organization manage the security of resources such as financial information, intellectual property, employee data or information entrusted to third parties. The certificate is a confirmation to interested parties that information security risks are under control and within acceptable limits. It is necessary to identify information resources, determine their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, assess risks for threats to information security and take additional measures for risks that are assessed as unacceptable. In the field of application, controls for information security should be identified and undertaken according to the Annex of the standard.


ISO 22301

It gives confidence that the organization has systems and controls in place to prevent unwanted occurrences and that it can handle all situations that may arise, and enable a quick return to regular business after an accident. This standard was written by leading business continuity experts, and it provides the best framework for business continuity management in an organization. If it is implemented in an appropriate way, the possibility of a business interruption will be reduced, but if such an interruption occurs, the organization will be able to respond in an appropriate way, which will drastically reduce the potential damage from such an interruption.