Maintenance and Support

Maintenance service is offered in many different models and levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze). Depending on your preferences and requirements of your IT environment we perform a complete maintenance on your location, with very fast response (a few hours, the next business day) to the emerging problems. In addition to eliminating these problems we perform routine maintenance of infrastructure.

Because we want to provide the best service and solutions we feel free to suggest future steps in the development and upgrading of your IT infrastructure, and by cooperating, successfully upgrade and maintain existing systems, and implement new ones.

Features of our support:

  • user receives a prompt and efficient support at a price lower than the classical support on-site
  • user gets support no matter where he is currently physically located. This means that our users are supported in any place in the world where they have access to the Internet.
  • supporting the work of technicians, users can gain knowledge of how to correct the problem in the future by themselves
  • several experts can simultaneously operate on problem solving thus reducing the time required for troubleshooting.


For support we are available via:

  • phone

Telephone support is also the first way to solve the problem. In this way a large number of problems can be solved very quickly, and the user can be trained to solve a problem in the future.

  • internet

If the problem cannot be solved by telephone support, our technicians will connect to your computer from a remote location, i.e. from our office via the Internet. In this way, our technicians have an overview of the problem and can quickly and efficiently detect and resolve it. This method of support is also ideal for the rapid training of users. We offer support with program called TeamViewer.

  • on your location

Despite the technological advances it is sometimes necessary to eliminate the problem at your location for various hardware or software problems. Since this is an expensive way compared to telephone support and assistance over the Internet, support at your location will be the last option, or at your request if it is defined in the agreement. When we provide support at your location, we will try to be fast, more efficient and less disturbing for you and your work.

AnyDesk connects to any PC or server in the world in just a few seconds. You can manage your partner’s PC remotely but with the same feeling as if you were sitting in front of his screen.