CMS Web Portal

CMS Web Portal is CMS system with possibility of end users administration. Also, if you have multiple sites that use our IN CMS web portal, you have the ability to manage them all from one place.

Compared to other CMS’s like Joomla, IN CMS Web portal is less complex and more flexible for upgrades in projects where user requirements are difficult to be implemented through the ready-made CMS’s because there are no ready-made modules but are special implementations and a lot of changes in the interface and the database needed.

In implementation, latest web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery are used which allows the development of modern, flexible and responsive interface.

Responsive design

Responsive design (often abbreviated to RWD) is an approach to web design focusing on creating sites that provide optimum viewing experience on a large number of different devices (from the desktop to mobile phone) so as to adapt existing page size and width to devices of different sizes.

Some of the functionality in CMS Web Portal

  • multitenant system (more portals, one management system)
  • responsive interface
  • managing calendars
  • management of multimedia elements, and publications
  • Installing the possibility of audio and video material
  • media corner
  • news and announcements
  • Google interactive maps
  • contact management
  • users and rights managment
  • system parameters managment
  • forum
  • Interactive guides
  • statistical diagrams
  • map projects
  • Social Media Integration
  • Ability to download documents in various formats (PDF, DOC, XMLs, xls, ppt, etc.)
  • YouTube Integration
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • change the font size (for visually impaired)
  • works in all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)
  • ability to use multiple databases for system

CMS is essentially a set of modules, such as:

CMS module

The existing functionality in CMS Web Portal’s like adding static pages (pages that include text, images and content with no behind programming logic), banner management, implementation and management of widgets (small portions of the Site which can appear in different places in the web application) can further expand through CMS

SEO, SEF and Analytics Module

This module will help in better ranking of web pages on the Internet search engines. SEO (Search engine optimization) is made of a set of procedures through which a website ranks better in the search engines. The process continuously lasts after putting the system into production, where it is necessary to analyze the competing sites to make room for better positioning.

CMS Administration Module

Possibility of managing things such as users and permissions, managing static content, URL rewriting, widgets, modules and plug-ins, banner management, transactional emails (the ability to define actions that will be sent by e-mail), settings of social networking, photo gallery, list of commonly asked questions, upload of images and icons for supplements and services, managing inquiries from the contacts, email templates and publishing content on social networks.

Dashboard Module

Central module of the administrator part that displays all important system business activity as well as key indicators of leases. In IN CMS Web Portal there are supplements that will display statistics on the dashboard (graphs, key indicators and available data). Dashboard helps the system administrator to identify the state of a web application that requires additional activities (e.g. online unpaid leases, new leases, lease scheduled, canceled leases, etc.).

2Checkout module      

2Checkout is an online service for card payments which can also be used in Croatia. Module that is used within the CMS can redirect client payment on online service and accept data that 2Checkout sends back to the web application with whom successful and unsuccessful payments are recorded. In addition to data on the success payment, 2Checkout sends the information on the payer, his address, phone number, method and currency of payment.

Reports Module

Allows displaying different reports on the status of leases, paying clients, income, schedules according to locations and exporting to PDF or CSV file format.