CMS Web Portal

CMS Web Portal is CMS system with possibility of end users administration. Also, if you have multiple sites that use our IN CMS web portal, you have the ability to manage them all from one place. Compared to other CMS’s like Joomla, IN CMS Web portal is less complex and more flexible for upgrades in projects where user requirements are difficult to be implemented through the ready-made CMS’s because there are no ready-made modules but are special implementations and a lot of changes in the interface and the database needed.




  • GDPR Portal

    A comprehensive GDPR compliance solution that enables organizations to continuously monitor adherence to GDPR regulations while simultaneously facilitating the management of user data. Our platform provides robust tools for ongoing compliance assessments, data audits, and consent management, ensuring that companies maintain compliance with GDPR requirements and effectively manage user data in a straightforward manner

  • Asset Portal

    An integrated asset management system that tracks and manages assets through all stages of their life cycle. It provides an overview and control of various types of assets, their assignments, status, and records their usage, enabling effective asset management and optimal resource utilization.

  • Contracts portal

    A complete contract management platform that enables the overview of all types of contracts and their associated documentation. It provides a record of contract status tracking throughout the entire lifecycle, with a detailed overview of items and related information, facilitating efficient contract management and document handling.

  • Human Resources Portal

    An integration system for the human resources department and employees, providing comprehensive recording and overview of various aspects of employee engagement. It includes tracking travel expenses, commuting, certificates, training, sick leave, and absences. Our platform offers a comprehensive overview of this data, facilitating human resources management and ensuring transparency and effective communication between HR departments and employees.

  • Procurments portal

    Our platform tracks and enhances collaboration with suppliers in all stages of the procurement process. It allows for the review of open procurements, supplier bids, procurement plans, and associated documentation. Through integrated communication and tracking tools, establishing and maintaining transparent and efficient collaboration with suppliers is facilitated, ensuring optimal procurement management and achievement of business goals.

  • Projects Portal

    Our portal provides a comprehensive overview of project progress, encourages collaboration with partners throughout all project phases, and enables detailed tracking of project activities, phases, and tasks. Additionally, it offers a financial overview of project progress and costs. By integrating communication, documentation, and analysis tools, efficient team coordination, transparent information exchange with partners, and timely decision-making are facilitated to ensure successful project outcomes.

  • Sales Portal

    Our platform enables a detailed overview of active sales opportunities and offers, providing users with the ability to create new opportunities and offers, edit them, and administer them through an intuitive sales portal. Through advanced functionalities such as sales trend analysis and personalized recommendations, we encourage efficient sales and optimal management of sales processes, helping organizations achieve their business goals.

  • Service Desk Portal

    Our system provides comprehensive management and tracking of all incoming requests, allowing for a detailed overview of the status of requests, incidents, issues, and change requests, both from internal and external users. Through integrated tools for tracking, analysis, and communication, we facilitate efficient handling of all types of requests, ensuring prompt response and issue resolution, providing a high level of customer support, and enhancing the overall user experience.

  • Collaboration Portal

    Our portal provides a detailed overview of the verification and approval process, specifically designed for employees who do not have access to APPCRO BMS but are essential in the approval process. It allows users to clearly see all verification steps and stages, providing them with insight into the current status and necessary actions. Through an intuitive interface, participation in the approval process is facilitated, resulting in faster and more efficient decision-making and enhancing overall productivity and transparency of business processes.

  • Digital Office

    Our information portal provides a comprehensive overview of all necessary data that complements and supplements the digital office. The portal user has the ability to access available documents, items, and shipments through a simple interface. By integrating relevant information from various sources, we enable quick and convenient access to all necessary documents and resources, improving business efficiency and facilitating everyday work processes.

  • Internal Portal

    Our portal provides a comprehensive overview of documentation, image galleries, FAQs, news, and other information grouped into pages, enabling users to easily and organizedly access desired data of interest. Through an intuitive interface, users can quickly and easily access relevant information without unnecessary complications. This structured organization promotes efficiency in searching and finding necessary information, thereby enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

  • Jobs Portal

    Our portal allows users to view open positions that are accepting applications, providing them with the ability to search and sort all jobs by different categories, locations, and types. Through an intuitive interface, users are provided with easy access to various job opportunities, enabling them to quickly find jobs that match their interests and skills.


Multi-tenant system

Multiple portals, one management system, simple user administration, access and defining user rights

Customised for the user

Responsive interface, multilingual, font size adjustment, work in different web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)

Data management

User data management, defining access rights, calendars, forums, notifications and notifications within the system

Reporting and insights

Downloads in different formats (PDF, DOC, XMLs, xls, ppt), statistical diagrams and interactive views, Google Analytics


Integration of social media networks, Youtube, Google Analytics, Google interactive maps, integration with different databases

Multimedia content

Management of multimedia elements and posts, adding audio and video materials, dynamic design and interactivity