Website & Portals Design

Web design is more than just design and without web promotion, page design alone is not enough. Regardless of the activity you are engaged in and what kind of information you want to present to others, it is necessary to first consult with experts who will shape, market and bring your message closer to the public in the right way.

Our pages are browser-friendly

The main advantage of our created pages is modern web design and customization of websites for visitors and search engines in order to enable the visitor to navigate the pages as easily as possible and to attract as many visitors as possible from search engines.

Web design

The price of a website depends on the specifications of the websites, the amount of information you want to publish on the site, the functions that the pages must have, the way you want to update the content on the pages, the time period, etc. For all price estimates, please contact us and prepare a detailed description of the functionality you want your site to have.

Cms applications are programmed to order

CMS or Content Management System is a term for websites that have the ability to enter, update or delete content through online administration without any advanced knowledge of computer science. If you know how to write an email, then you can also use these applications. We program CMS applications to order according to your specifications.


Web SHOP (online shop, online store, e-commerce, e-purchase) allows visitors of your site to view your catalog, order and purchase selected products or services over the Internet. There are various payment options: cash on delivery, proforma invoice, bank transaction and credit cards, which is secured by SSL encryption (secure connection between server and user).

Stages in website development

Web design, i.e. Creating a website consists of the following steps:

  1. Analyzing client wishes and goals that are desired by creating a Website.
  2. Collection of materials necessary for the creation of websites.
  3. By the material we mean all information and files (text and photos) held by the client, which he would like to present on the Website.
  4. Template design based on client’s wishes.
  5. Of course, if the client does not have concrete wishes in this regard, we can very easily offer our vision of design, i.e. Looks like future websites.
  6. Presentation of the design and revision of the same by the client. This step is performed by placing the design identical to the actual future Web pages, in a temporary Web address known only to the client and to us. After the client reviews the design, he decides whether it is ok, or if it is necessary to change something.
  7. Convert a design to a Web page. In this step, the process of “cutting” the design and coding, a Web page is created. It serves (with additional modifications) as a template for creating the entire Web
  8. Create Web pages from a template created above. This process involves the creation of all physical Websites, and during the process the client audits (if desired) so that he can intervene in a timely manner if necessary.
  9. Release of websites, i.e. activation of the website. Once the website creation is complete, as well as the audit by the client, the pages are ready to activation. Of course, it is done in the last step and after that the pages are visible to everyone and are located on their own domain (their own web address).