Professional Services

Education in the field of IT project management

Many successful projects so far are the result of our long-term investment in knowledge in the field of IT project management. In our work, we apply the latest methods and techniques of agile software development, such as “extreme programming”, “Scrum development”, etc. With examples from practice based on real, so far realized projects, we will show you how to achieve client satisfaction, complete the project on time and within the framework budget. From business process recording techniques, through the use of appropriate tools, acquisition of user requirements, definition of project scope and functionality priorities, to continuous monitoring of project work progress and retrospectives. Find out what functionality card, burn-down chart, MIMO, EVA analysis and other concepts of quality IT project management are.

Education of IT knowledge

Our experts have rich experience in software development and knowledge of the latest information technologies. In addition, they have experience working in higher and secondary educational institutions and are ready to share their knowledge with you. Practical knowledge and practical examples with rich demonstrations and a lot of demo programming code will enable you or your employees to master the latest technologies, whether it is about creating applications and systems for mobile devices, web or desktop clients.

Basic IT education:

Microsoft Office suite

  • MS Word
  • MS Project
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Access
  • MS Outlook.

Windows operating systems (MS Windows)

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Security settings/protection
  • TCP/IP network settings.


  • Basic internet usage
  • Internet browsers
  • Getting to know the search engine system (Google)
  • Internet security, identity theft, private data theft.


  • Protection of wireless and wired networks
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Identity protection on the Internet
  • Familiarity with various spams, viruses, spyware, etc.
  • Unauthorized access.

With our experience and cooperation with the user, user needs are defined and further development of the system is planned. As part of defining needs, requirements for service quality, security, monitoring and infrastructure management, scalability, modularity are recognized.

If the user owns an IT infrastructure, we will jointly analyze its possibilities and define guidelines for further development.

As a consequence of all this, we will create project/tender documentation based on which default and selected solutions are implemented.

Management of business processes

By analyzing and recording existing and modeling and simulating future business processes, we make it possible to make quality decisions regarding business process reengineering and business restructuring for the purpose of increasing efficiency.

IS design and architecture

We will be happy to share our rich experience in the development of complex systems with you. In this area, we provide a wide range of services, from defining the structure of databases through application architecture and advanced algorithms to the development of large service-oriented architectures.

Design, user experience and information architecture

In human-machine interaction, a logical and attractive user interface is the most important factor in the efficient use of the system. Our experts provide expertise in building appropriate and adaptable graphic interfaces, creative design and structuring of displayed information in order to achieve what we call user experience (UX – User eXperience). The correct arrangement of information (IA – Information Architecture) and the elegant flow of interaction with the system, whether it is input, search or data manipulation, are often a key factor in the acceptance of the entire system by end users.

Business reporting

Knowing your own data and finding legality in it can be the key to rapid business development and adaptation to the market, as well as to clients. From insurance fraud detection to direct advertising to target groups, advanced statistical analysis of large amounts of data is essential. Using the latest tools and methods, we will find legalities in your data and enable you to make strategically important decisions.

IS protection and security

We provide consulting services regarding the physical protection of information systems and data and the establishment of an appropriate level of security, such as consulting on ways to protect computer networks, stored data, and access rights to systems, parts of systems, or data. We can also advise you on the selection of appropriate applications and protection systems such as firewalls, antivirus software; and we find vulnerabilities in existing applications and systems.